The George Barton House is One of the Best Attractions in the State

Are you looking for a historic site to visit during your stay with Asa Ransom House? Visit the Martin House Complex, located just 30 minutes away from our beautiful Inn. There, you will be able to tour the incredible multi-structure estate once owned by Darwin D. Martin that was originally created by the legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Inside the complex is the George Barton House, a carriage house, a conservatory, and a pergola. This is a remarkable site and one that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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Some History on Martin House Complex

The Martin House Complex features six buildings that were originally built in the early 1900s. Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by Darwin D. Martin to design it after Martin was introduced to Wright’s work. Wright has been recorded as referring to the Martin House Complex as his opus and the site plans were pinned to his drawing table for close to 50 years.

The George Barton House

To get a feel of Frank Lloyd Wright’s abilities, Martin commissioned him to first design a home for Martin’s sister, Delta, and her husband, George Barton. The George Barton House, sometimes referred to as the George and Delta Barton House, fulfilled Martin’s aspiration to bring his family closer together while getting a livable sample of Wright’s design abilities.

Tour the Facility

Visitors can only explore our the interior of the Martin House Complex on one of the many guided tours offered at the estate. The Martin House+ Tour is the most popular tour available. It lasts two hours and will take you through every building on the complex. Along the way, your guide will expand upon the history of the Martin and Wright story, giving context to the incredible site.

There is a shorter tour available that, unlike the two-hour tour, is wheelchair accessible. This tour lasts only for one hour and leads guests through the primary first-floor rooms of the main house, the pergola, the conservatory, and the carriage house.

Stay at Asa Ransom House

After you’re done exploring the Martin Complex, from the George Barton House to the conservatory, enjoy the comfort and beauty of Asa Ransom House. Choose from our gorgeous selection of guestrooms to find the perfect place to end your day. All of our rooms are furnished with antiques and period reproductions, giving the rooms a distinct character.

In the morning, enjoy the complimentary full country breakfast! You’ll be provided a choice of entree, such a quiche, apple oat cakes, egg and cheese souffle, or mixed-berry crepes. You can also indulge in fresh fruit and an assorted selection of muffins and pastries.

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