Clarence New York Green Lodging at Asa Ransom

Asa Ransom House has joined the “Green” Hotels Association which encourages, promotes and supports ecological consciousness in the lodging industry. Green lodging facilities work to institute programs that save water – while saving money – to help protect our one and only earth.

Having green lodging means guests, staff and management are healthier. There’s just no doubt that when odors, fumes, soot, droplets and residues of toxic, poisonous chemicals are not in the air, on our food or on anything we touch, we are not absorbing or breathing them. Sooner or later all properties will be sold, and any green property will demand a higher price because it’s value is much enhanced by lower utility bills per square foot, its healthier aspects and owner care.

No one can really be green unless most of us are green – and green lodging is an important part of this! Smart, innovative innkeepers who provide green products and services are a big help and you can help further by always insisting on green lodging. Part of being green means supporting green vendors by purchasing their products and services and cheering them on.

When traveling, book with green lodging – Inns & Hotels that are clearly interested in protecting our environment, and let the management know that’s why you’ve chosen their hotel.

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